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 West Chester Fitness Club is a locally owned, family run, health club that promotes fitness as a lifestyle. Building a stronger, healthier, more confident, YOU! Our gym provides the best personal training in the midwest;  weight loss solutions, boot camp classes, as well as beginner boot camp classes, self defense, sport specific training, along with a variety of other fitness solutions to meet your fitness goals.
Our facility is equipped with 3 enormous dock doors for that “workout breeze” when the weather permits.   Our specialty and certifications are broken down into three types of fitness training groups: cardiovascular training, strength/resistance training and flexibility.

     You can train at a club that knows your scan card I.D number
                             or a club that knows your name!

 Saturday Nov.1st West Chester Fitness Club is joining Step Out and Walk/Run
to Stop Diabetes in place of our normal boot camp session. I am aiming to get a group of 10 of us for this event. If you are interested in joining us that morning, please sign up here.


So many lives are touched by Diabetes.
Chances are your life is too. You can help make a difference in those lives.
Join Team WCFC or donate, either way - you can change lives. Please join US!

                    Personal Trainer Spokes Model Jesse
 Ben and WCFC would like to welcome and introduce a new sponsor to our club
 Enhanced Body Formulations (EBF) is a small very new business in this industry. Enhanced Body Formulations was previously known as Lean Body Formulations. This name change occurred in late 2010. Upon the name change they also decided to redo the design of our labels, brand image and mission. They carried over our first most successful product, Recompadrol.
                                     Sincerely, Joshua Yeary Owner & President Enhanced Body Formulations, Inc.


At WCFC we provide weight loss solutions the right way!
By this we mean, not encouraging ‘fad’ diets, unreasonable training and unreachable goals. At WCFC, you’ll have the opportunity to train from the inside out! This means improve your balance, flexibility, strengthen stabilizer muscles and follow a reasonable lifestyle approached nutrition plan. Once we improve these three things your functional lifestyle will drastically improve allowing you to train the correct way and achieve your goals! We are small but powerful, you are our major concern. Join one of our Programs, You'll be Glad you DID!
Boot Camp

     Our most popular programs are
                       Boot Camp
                  and Train Insane.
    Bootcamp registration is open to
               all shapes, all sizes.
 Train Insane requires a fitness screening
                 prior to registration.
                      < click either>
             to learn about and join one.
      as  Ben would say : "JOIN BOTH" and
                         "Raise the bar"

Train Insane




Personal training
 Our Personal Training is second to none.
 Sessions are full of very challenging exercises using Weights , Kettle Bells, Bands, Dumb Bells, Ropes, Boxing and so much more.
 Ben will shake up your muscles, confuse them and then do something different again.

You will find muscles you never knew you had.

If you would like to be in a comfortable enviroment with great support and a lot of fun, come in and give one or all of our programs a shot, what do you have to lose , weight? Get in shape and have a blast !
                       Give us a call.

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We Can Help

YOU Find the


 in YOU


Get Fit !

Stay Fit !

Raise The Bar !

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